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Sweet Grass Dairy Cheese Shop, aka heaven

This past weekend we (Abe and I, and our friends Chuck and Bill) made our not often enough pilgrimage to Thomasville, GA to have dinner at Liams.  While we were planning our trip, we decided to also stop at the Sweet Grass Dairy Cheese Shop for a cheese board and some wine before dinner.  Sweet Grass Dairy (SGD) is a local cheese-making-family-run farm which makes award winning, and very importantly, super tasty cheeses.  The SGD family decided somewhat recently to open up a very comfortable and welcoming store and restaurant, selling and serving some foodie delights.

Go in. Trust me.

The Cheese Shop is a neat mix of store and restaurant, with an eclectic mix of seating options from square and round tables to large tables for communal dining and a bar, all around displays of food, wine and cheese.

There are hanging chalk board menus with up-to-the-moment availability of wine, beer and cheese, as well as a paper menu of sandwiches and such.  We were there a little late on a Saturday night, and as such there had clearly been a run on alcohol before us limiting us just a little, but the options available earlier were varied and  interesting.  Good American craft beers and international wines.

I really want to go back and try a sandwich or three

All the cheese platters looked interesting, but we really want to stick with SGD cheeses so we picked the Taste of Thomasville with some additions (see all the cheeses they sell here).  We ended up having the Thomasville Tomme (which a burning question of how that is properly said was finally answered.  Like tome, not tom which is what I had been calling it), the Lil Moo (buttery spreadable cheese, amazing with preserves), Black Swan (beer washed gouda varietal), Clayburne (a winter cheddar), and Pimento Cheese (which is my cheese obsession right now).

The board! From the top left around, Tomme, Pimento, Black Swan, Clayburne, Lil Moo

Our cheese board came out on a piece of slate with a good helping of salted crackers and local pecans with honey (cue the north vs. south argument about how to properly pronounce this nut).  I really enjoyed all the cheeses, but given my obsession, the pimento cheese was probably my favourite.  I can’t even properly describe the flavour now that I think about it, as I attacked it in some sort of zealous haze.  Oops. The pecans paired exceptionally well with the Black Swan, which had a great Gouda flavour but I admit I didn’t pick up the beer like I maybe should have.  The cheddar had a slight aged bite, but was overall an easy to eat and like cheddar. The Lil Moo was really good (I like me some spreadable cheese), but keep in mind if you are serving it you will want to pair it with a preserve of some kind, it is more buttery than flavourful on it’s own.  And finally, the Tomme is always wonderful, and FYI, it’s available at both Earth Fare and New Leaf (and others I bet) here in Tallahassee, so try it if you haven’t!

Our server was very knowledgeable and friendly, and quick to get us fresh wine ;).  Thomasville is well worth the trip from Tallahassee, and I really recommend ending your shopping day at the Cheese Shop for a beverage and some cheese, or one of the amazing looking sandwiches for a hardier meal.  Or frankly, I loved the place enough to go to Thomasville just for it.

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