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Luna’s in Midtown

I’ve had the chance to grab a sandwich from Luna’s Italian Food a few different times while working in the coffee shop next door, and man I have never been disappointed.  Luna’s is a not so hidden secret right in the Manor @ Midtown.  It doesn’t get the press that places around may get, but they are making just as great of food in there as those other places.  And every time I go in it seems like they have something new going on!

Look, there it is!

Luna’s is one of those types of places that can fulfill many of your needs.  They do the freshly made take-home-and-heat-up thing.  They are a mini supermarket for hard to find Italian food and assorted drink (including lots of stateside beers that Chris, of Third Wheel fame, has never seen in the city before).  They have real Italian gelato (pistachio, come to sara).  They have quinoa salad!  Fresh daily soup!  Fresh bread!  And sandwiches.  And pizza made in a parking lot, but more on that later.

It’s not fancy, but it has what you need. And what you didn’t think you needed

The other side.

I can be sort of meh about sandwiches, but if you put it on freshly baked bread and slap it on an Italian press, forgetaboutit.  I would line up for an hour for a good one.  And Luna’s has many good ones!  I have gotten the Caprese  a few times, which is a nice fresh mozzarella sandwich with pesto, tomato, and a surprising and welcome addition of really good prosciutto.  This past time I got the tuna to mix things up a little (I get crazy on coffee shop days).  I am normally a mayo fan, but I really enjoyed their non-mayo-ey version, which was more acidic than I typically go for (with lemon and capers), with a pleasant sundried tomato undertone.  The tuna was particularly noticeable in that it wasn’t just a bland canned version you get at Publix, they must use some sort of specialty tuna.   And best of all was the herbed bread.  It.was.awesome.

Tuna goodness if you squint (sorry, takeout sandwiches are hard to photograph)

Another interesting menu item that is a new addition involves a true blue pizza oven in the parking lot!  It seems Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings (starting at a late lunch time of 1pm) they break out a wood fire pizza oven hitch and go to town!  Awesome!  The pizza’s looked really good, and I saw some fresh mozzarella and basil on many which had me drooling.

Yup. That’s right.

In general, Luna’s is understated and not as hyped as it deserves.  You’ll enjoy your lunch, believe me!  The sandwiches are typical lunch prices of $6-8 per sandwich (big eaters will probably want to add a bag of chips on the side).  Keep in mind the quality of the ingredients when you look at the pricing, and that almost everything I could see what made in house.  And it’s locally owned (with a cute story about the owners on the website)!  Try something different in Midtown! And I bet you go home with an Italian grocery item you didn’t know you needed.

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How aboot Little Italy?

Yes, that’s a Canadian joke and Italian joke wrapped into one. Because I’m good like that ;).

Short review about Little Italy today. What brought us there was a Living Social coupon coupled with a twitter recommendation by @gptally for pizza. There are some pretty dismal reviews on Yelp of the place but we really want to try the local restaurants of Tally so there we were on a Saturday night.

It is located in a Winn Dixie strip mall which I would expect would scare many off but don’t let it! The restaurant is in a random adorable courtyard, water fountain and all. After a quick look inside I would caution against sitting there but the outside seating with Italian music playing is unusually kitschy and romantic. All I’m saying is don’t go if it’s raining.


We got the house specialty pizza, which came with spinach, eggplant, tomatoes and basil. A fun surprise when it came out was the eggplant was fried which made for a great flavour! Overall we were really happy with the pizza. The sauce and crust were average, not taking away from the pizza but not something to write home about. Appropriate amount of cheese. Really the eggplant stole the show and made this pizza more unique than I’ve had in this city. And crazily enough, it wasn’t too greasy at all considering fried eggplant and cheese!

Service was good. Wine a little too expensive. Bread basket was store bought bread but warmed up and served crispy on the outside.

Would I say drive across the city for this restaurant? Nope. I have a feeling the yelp reviews are spot on for the pasta dishes (uninspired and maybe frozen). But we live close by and the courtyard and pizza will be enough to keep us going on nights we feel like keeping it casual and don’t can’t decide where to go.

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