Super Perros

photo 1According to their website , Super Perros was started by two Colombians selling hotdogs and hamburgers out of a street cart. Though they’ve stayed true to those roots, they also serve up some genuine Colombian cuisine. Their menu (make sure to have your volume all the way up for maximum enjoyment) is extensive, offering a full line of hamburgers and hotdogs, as well as ceviche, parilladas, churrasco and vegetarian options.

photo 2I don’t think any restaurant has a better location than Super Perros. At the corner of W. Tennessee and Ocala, it has better visibility than Doak-Campbell. Flanked by two heavily shaded patios, the inside can best be described as garage sale chic meets latino cafe. They’ve got a couple monitors rotating through different menu options, as well as a TV playing what I assume was Colombian soccer. The cooler has beer and a full line of South American soft drinks.

Bandeja paisa

Bandeja paisa

I ordered the bandeja paisa, which must mean “meat plate” in Spanish. Get a look at it. Chorizo sausage, thin-sliced rib eye, deep fried pork belly (chicharon), egg over easy, iceberg salad, fried plantains, rice and beans. Our server said it was the most authentic Colombian dish, but that was probably by virtue of it having the most Colombian food in a single plate.

Arepa with cheese and beans.

Arepa with cheese and beans.

Sara ordered a spinach empanada to start. She also got an arepa, which is some kind of ground corn flat bread. We finished our meal with a breaded, fried cheese stick filled with guava nectar.

We’ll be headed back to Super Perros in the future, definitely for some food and probably some cheap beers ($4.00 for a pitcher of Miller Light) on the patio.

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7 responses to “Super Perros

  1. Nice review! Definitely sounds like a good place, and the meat plate looks amazing.

  2. We’ve eaten there before and it has always been yummy. We go when school is on break – I know Sara is used to the students, but they just make me feel old (and crowded). ha, ha

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  4. I think it’s time for a new review. Slackers. 😉

    • I just renewed our domain. Guess that means I should start blogging again. You blogging about taco bell forced my hand 😉

      • I was curious and it was so terrible! Cheddar cheese with maple “syrup” on a waffle is not a good combination. You totally need to try one. 🙂

      • I totally would have done a review of it as well. There’s one across the street from my office and I often think about going and getting breakfast there just to try 🙂

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